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 Live your best life today! Purpose driven programs! Create memories! Enjoy interactive entertainment! And More!





My Story


After many years working in Senior Care as a Lifestyle Director, I realized that the need for a mobile "Senior Lifestyle Specialist" was needed. Even though I was instructing inside my own community at the time, I had a strong desire and passion to help others that we're unable to receive the services I was providing. At that point, the light bulb sparked, and I began building my own company "The Golden Blend." A mobile "Activity Program Service"  that travels around the Coconino & Yavapai Counties to serve seniors 55+and up.

Patients and residents in care facilities needed more then just caregiving, they needed a 'Purpose Driven Lifestyle' to motivate and engage them as they aged. As I witnessed my programs change lives, it intrigued me to grow and design services built around the core principles of health and wellness. We all need to nourish our souls, and just like a plant needs water to survive, it must have water as well as sunlight to grow. Just like Seniors must have quality of care along with a sense  of purpose in order to thrive! 

Whether you are looking for more engagement for your loved one or your a community looking for new ways to engage your residents, The Golden Blend can provide a variety of interactive programs. I have built my career with a focus and drive to enhance people's lives and I would love to share more during your Free Consultation!  The Golden Blend is a diverse Active Lifestyle company for 55+, formulated to bring results and lift the spirits of anyone looking to "Live their Best Life!" I look forward to assisting you and spreading inspiration to as many as I can serve!

Samantha Noelle 

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